Wednesday, October 25, 2006
"Strike Up the Band" on YouTube

Okay, as I explained in my previous post I've been out of the loop where it concerns Ox Tales over the last couple of months. Well I was pleasantly surprised to find out that somebody has uploaded an episode of Ox Tales called "Strike Up the Band" to YouTube.

I'd never heard of "Strike Up the Band" before and was mucho interested as to what it was and where it fit into the episode guide. Well, after a little detective work I deduced that it is cartoon number 67 in the episode guide continuity and that it was listed as "The Boes (Ollie) & Tad (Jack) Orchestra" on the Telescreen web site. So I now own 27 episodes and also have access to a twenty-eighth episode.

And I also have my eye on bulking up my Dutch DVD collection too...

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I stumbled upon your blog today, and can I just say: "Hurrah!"

I've been a fan of Ox Tales for absolutely years, and like yourself I've spent ages trawling the web for info and pictures and things with limited success. So to find all the stuff you've uploaded here was an absolutely fantastic surprise! I sincerely hope you proceed with your plans to build a website containing scans from the books and screen grabs from the DVDs, because I for one would love to see them (and being devoid of a credit card, my chances of being able to buy them on-line is pretty much nil).

Incidentally, have you tried searching the web for "Drole de Zoo"? This is what the original comic series was known as in France, and there's a big page full of scanned strips somewhere on the web. I can't seem to find it at present, but I can try to seek out the link if you like. If you want to e-mail me for any reason, my address is . (Remove the falsebit before sending, obv.)

Cheers for all your Ox Tales-hunting work!


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