Monday, July 10, 2006
The Dutch DVDs Arrive

As you can tell by the title of this post, the four Dutch DVDs I had on order have arrived!

Above is a side by side comparison of the American NTSC 1990 Funny Farm Madness video tape and the Dutch PAL Dollen Met De Mollen DVD (click to enlarge it). It's from the "Snow" cartoon (ep.4). As you can see, the DVD quality is far, far superior to the 1990's VHS. This means that there are FANTASTIC screen captures on the way! This is exciting stuff...

I've already looked over the content of all four discs. Here is a brief rundown of each disc (Although I have the Dutch titles for each episode, I've listed the English titles for simplicities sake. I'll go more indepth into all this on the web site):

Vol.1: HALLO BOES (Hello Boes)

1. "Hello Olle" (ep.1)
2. "Digging A Well" (ep.9)
3. "Momma Peggy Leaves Home" (ep.7)
4. "It's Not Easy To Manage A Farm" (ep.2)
5. "A Peaceful Day" (ep.6)

Vol.3: DOLLEN MET DE MOLLEN (Working On The Field)

1. "Working On The Field" (ep.4)
2. "Who Stole The Milk?" (ep.15)
3. "Woody" (ep.17)
4. "Snow" (ep.16)
5. "The Guard" (ep.8)


1. "A Peaceful Day" (ep.6)
2. "I'm The Champ" (ep.55)
3. "It's Hard To Be A King" (ep.20)
4. "The Lost Baby Elephant" (ep.21)

Vol.5: HELD OP KLOMPEN (The Guard)

1. "The Guard" (ep.8)
2. "Pigs After Rain" (ep.22)
3. "No Arm Wrestling Anymore" (ep.23)
4. "Cheese" (ep.24)

The main piece of news right now is I have a NEW episode! "I'm The Champ", episode 55, is part of volume four. I also discovered that the narrating toucan and laughing mole cut scene's aren't part of the original Dutch version. I'm guessing they must have been part of the Japanese show.

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Aha! Am I right in thinking that "I'm the Champ" is the episode where Ollie and Gaylord get into a boxing match? It was one of the episodes I missed when the show was on British telly, and I was most miffed because it was apparently excellent. The horse racing episode also falls into that category, although I'm not sure if you have that one. Anyway, if you come to do some framegrabs, I'd be delighted to see some shots from episode 55.

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