Monday, June 26, 2006
2. "It's Not Easy To Manage A Farm"

It's been a while since I last posted on here because I've been using my time to dabble in online videos. But never fear, I'm back! And it just so happens that I have a review of episode two to share with everybody.

Ollie starts the day by milking a cow. The cow has abnormally large udders and needs milking as soon as possible. Ollie comes up with the idea of connecting taps to them which works well for a while until it milks her dry. Next Ollie has a problem with the cow swatting at a fly with her tail while he milks her. He thinks he has the answer by anchoring her tail with a rock, but she still manages to bring it up and the rock comes crashing down over her head. She then falls to her to belly and the milk jets out of her udders.

Ollie then tries to tame Horace the horse. He tries to pull Horace with a rope but ends up stretching his neck out to where he looks like a giraffe. After a few more attempts at taming him he tries to reshoe Horace. He uses two big planks of wood and turns Horace into a lifesize rocking horse. He then trades the rockers for four wheels. Ollie then mounts him and they take off together with a promising start but end up crashing through a wooden fence.

Next Ollie goes to the hen house to collect the eggs. When he collects Hannah the hen's eggs it makes her mad and she lays a red hot egg. She tries to sit on it and burns her backside in the process. She then walks around the farmyard looking for things to sit on. She sits on a toadstool and a coconut and both times it causes them to become red hot. She then finds Jack the turtle tucked up in his shell and attempts to hatch him out. Jack becomes red and overheated inside his shell and dashes out and into a nearby lake. Hannah's weight then crushes his shell.

Ollie then finds out that Shirley the sheep has fallen into a pond. Ollie saves her and wrings her out like a giant towel. He then attempts to restyle her wool. His first attempt ends up with her looking like a giant poodle. He then sets her wool in curlers but it starts to rain and they get washed out. Ollie then plays his horn for his flock of sheep. He says he bought the horn from a retired snake charmer. Single strands of wool start to lift towards the sky as if they were being charmed like snakes.

Ollie then goes to chop wood. After missing the wood with his axe on two occasions, he swings with all his might and misses again, causing the ground to crack open and it eventually splits the world in half.

Ollie finishes his day with a relaxing bath. After Sammy helps Ollie by washing his back, a group of animals start to drink from Ollie's bath water. Edward the elephant then turns up and sucks all of Ollie's water out with his trunk. He then spurts it into the air and gives himself a shower.

It defintely comes across as the second cartoon. The first cartoon ("Hello Ollie") established how and why Ollie decided to build his farm house. This cartoon gives the viewers an insight into some of the main characters. It's not a great story-driven episode but it wasn't intended to be. It's also interesting to note that a few of the gags in this show became full length cartoons later on. The cow milking gags later became episode fifteen: "Who Stole The Milk?" and the horse gags later became episode eighteen: "The Horse Race". This cartoon isn't a classic but it is important to the series.

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