Monday, June 19, 2006
Ox Tales Volume One Arrives

above: the front of the Farm life has never been this wacky! video cassette box

The first volume of Ox Tales arrived today. The subtitle for the video is Farm life has never been this wacky! The picture quality isn't the best I've ever seen, but I do intend to purchase another copy to assist me with screen captures.

As expected it included ten of the earlier episodes. Once again they are out of order. The playlist is as follows:

1. "Hello Ollie" (ep.1)
2. "It's Not Easy to Manage a Farm" (ep.2)
3. "A Small Kindness, a Terrible Nuisance" (ep.3)
4. "Working on the Field" (ep.4)
5. "Momma Peggy Leaves Home" (ep.7)
6. "No Fishing" (ep.11)
7. "The Octopus Balloon" (ep.5)
8. "A Peaceful Day" (ep.6)
9. "Love is a Thorny Affair" (ep.10)
10. "The Guard" (ep.8)

I now own 26 cartoons. Episodes 1 through 25 and episode 27. I'm expecting "Porker Problems" any day now...

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