Monday, June 12, 2006
15. "Who Stole the Milk?"

It's time to get back into my episode reviewing. This is the fifteenth cartoon in the Ox Tales series.

Calvin the calf is drinking milk from his mother, Nessie. Two moles attempt to steal milk from Nessie's udders with straws but Calvin puts a stop to it. Ollie comes to collect Nessie to be milked and Calvin is not happy about it, wanting all the milk to himself. Calvin instead goes looking for milk from the other animals on the farm.

Ollie starts mowing the grass, and after managing to smash Jack's shell in the process, Ollie comes up with an ingenious idea. He hooks up the lawn mower to Nessie collar and as she walks along the grass flies into her mouth.

After bothering the mother pig, Zane the zebra and Edward the elephant for milk, Calvin returns to his mother. Nessie's udders are almost fit to burst but Ollie still insists that he shouldn't drink the milk. He goes to the extent of tying a bucket over her udders to deny Calvin the chance to drink.

Ollie then puts Nessie out to pasture. He attaches her to Sammy the dog with a rope to help her exercise. Nessie's udders expand again and Sammy starts drinking from them. Calvin objects and chases Sammy around in circles, causing the rope to wrap around Nessie's legs which eventually trips her up.

Then it's milking time again. Ollie uses a pump and goes too fast, leaving her udders dry. Calvin gets mad and chases Ollie all over the farm. He catches up with Ollie and knocks him down. With Ollie grounded Calvin starts looking for an udder on Ollie causing Ollie to roll around laughing.

The cartoon concludes with Ollie offering a giant baby bottle filled with milk, topped off with a four udder teat, to Calvin but Calvin continues to drink from his mother. Ollie tries to demonstrate by drinking from it himself but to no avail.

I liked this episode a lot. It was certainly weird in spots but that's what I love about Ox Tales. The sequence where Calvin is chasing Ollie all over the farm is the clip you see in the opening title sequence. I'm eventually going to write a breakdown illustrating where each clip from the title sequence came from.

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