Monday, June 05, 2006
1. "Hello Ollie"

Thought I'd jump into my time machine and go back to episode one today. Seeing as how I have volume one of the Ox Tales video on order and it'll most likely have the first ten episodes on it, I though I'd get a jump start on it and review ep.1.

Ollie and Jack are sailing on a raft down a river when the raft mysteriously sprouts limbs and becomes a fully grown bush. To add to their problems the raft then goes careering over a waterfall. Upon landing on the river bank below Jack smashes his shell as well as the shell of a fellow turtle.

Liking what he sees, Ollie decides to build a house. When chopping down lumber, Ollie mistakenly takes a swing at Rodney the rhino's leg. Rodney gives chase but Ollie manages to escape from the line of fire and Rodney gets his horn stuck in a tree trunk. Ollie manages to cut him free but a portion of the trunk remains on his horn.

He then starts digging the foundation for his wall but Audrey the ostrich has other ideas. She first gets in the way by digging for worms where Ollie is working. She then interferes by punching out bricks with her beak as Ollie lays them. He solves this problem by building her head and neck into the wall.

He then trys to mix up some more cement, using Edward the elephant as a means to transport water, but this time a family of pigs intervenes. Besides drinking from his buckets of water, they also use his cement as a waller. Ollie jumps in after them but they're all soon frozen together like a collection of statues.

Ollie then thatches the roof but unfortunately Horace the horse starts eating it. Ollie puts a stop to this by cutting off Horace's tail with a big pair of shears and replacing the missing thatch with it. The MacDuff's, a family of storks, then set up home on the roof.

The house is finally finished and it's time to show his new friends, but Ollie can't get the front door open. Despite a joint effort of the pigs, Audrey and Horace, the door won't budge. Rodney eventually lends a helping hand by charging at the door. Unfortunately this brings the whole house down. The cartoon concludes with the door skewered over Rodney's horn.

So there you have it, the first episode of Ox Tales. You may have noticed that I've replaced the episode title "Hello Boes" with "Hello Ollie". That's because I'm going to replace the Dutch names with the English names (i.e. "Rambau" becomes "Gaylord", "A Boes Lullaby" becomes "An Ollie Lullaby" etc.). It was a great first episode which set the tone for the series. It was really good in giving the viewer ideas about which characters have which qualities.

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