Friday, June 02, 2006
13. "Jumpy Baby"

Ollie is resting against a tree in the forest until he's interrupted by Bob and Weave, the two mischevious kangaroo children of Holly. Ollie had nicknamed them Bob and Weave because of their love of fighting each other. Holly apologizes for their behaviour and hops off. She bumps into fellow kangaroo Jenny who has a surprise for the two young joeys. It's her spring loaded pouch where a toy joey pops out as if it was a jack in the box. Holly asks her to apologize for scaring her children but she just hops away saying it was just a joke.

Next we see Holly expanding her pouch to make a wrestling ring. Bob and Weave end up rolling around together and Ollie comments that it looks like a great new pinball machine. Her pouch then becomes a trampoline, stretched out between two tree stumps. Weave gets too carried away and jumps too high. He even ends up crashing headfirst into a flying saucer. He falls back down to earth screaming "Fall home, fall home, fall, home!" The narrating toucan corrects him by saying "That's phone home, not fall home dummy."

A storm then passes over. Bob and Weave seek refuge in their mother's pouch but it soon becomes waterlogged. Once the sun comes out they use it as a swimming pool. Ollie, not wanting to miss out on the fun, asks if he can try it too. She obliges and Ollie starts taking a bubble bath in it. Ollie shows his gratitude by giving the kangaroo family some free food. Before long the baby joeys have over eaten and begin to weigh down their mother.

The next scene sees Holly dropping both of her babies as she hops through the forest. It's only after meeting up with Jenny again that she realizes she's misplaced them. She goes looking for them but is swept up by an eagle and taken back to it's nest. Thankfully she is reunited with Weave, who had also been snatched up, but she still hasn't found Bob.

Back in the forest Bob is frantically searching for his mother and sibling. He springboards over some of the other animals, including Jack whose shell he breaks. Holly, Bob and Weave finally reunite as they cross paths with each other again.

Holly starts to hop away again but manages to drop Bob for the second time. Ollie sees this and offers a solution. He gives her a backpack for Bob to sit in while Weave rides up front.

This is my favourite episode I've reviewed thus far. It had a strong story and the gags were masterfully paced. This is Ox Tales at it's best.

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