Thursday, June 01, 2006
12. "Nest Making Contest"

I didn't plan to upload two reviews today, but here is another. Episode 12: "Nest Making Contest"

Ollie is walking through the forest when he spots a young chick laying in the grass. He stops to pick it up and asks if it fell out of it's nest. He's then joined by two more birds who use him as a perch. This segues into Ollie making bird houses for all the birds in the forest.

Once the first one is made, the first bird is unable to enter it - Ollie forgot to cut a hole in the front. A woodpecker sees to that problem and pecks a hole in it. Ollie then continues to make more bird houses. He makes one with a central house with a series of little houses either side of it so a mother and her children can each have their own bedrooms. He also makes a large bird house with forteen holes in the front so it's like a condominium. He catches a cat in one of the bird houses and cages it up and hangs it from a nearby branch. A smaller bird torments the cat through the bars.

After a couple of skits about birds feeding their chicks we find Jack sleeping inside his shell. A crow swoops down and taps on it which causes a piece of it to fall off. He picks it up and takes it back to his family on a cliff. He continues to do this over and over until he's reassembled the shell on the cliff and makes a nest inside it for his young chicks. Jack wakes up shivering and sneezing.

Back at the farm house Ollie is playing a flute in his living room. His cuckoo clock strikes twelve and a nest of chicks pop out. A bird then feeds the hungry chicks. He then hears chirping outside and finds a young bird struggling to fly. Ollie gives it a helping hand by tying a helium filled balloon to it. In another part of the forest a mother is giving her chicks flying lessons. The lazy chicks just hold onto her legs and form a chain behind her as she takes off.

It's then time for singing lessons as a mother struggles to teach her young chicks to sing. Ollie turns up with his flute and plays for the birds as they all sing along. A cobra pops out of the ground scaring all the birds away but Ollie manages to charm it with his flute.

Back at the farm house Ollie is playing his flute in his living room. His cuckoo clock starts to bulge and contort until it eventually explodes. Ollie looks to the audience and says that some folks just don't like good music.

One of the stranger episodes. Instead of a the storyline it's more of a skit after skit format. Had some funny moments though.

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