Sunday, May 28, 2006
A Message from the Internet Gods.

Cool thing happened to me yesterday. I was in my garden and out crawled a gopher. No, not one of those small furry creatures. It was a southern states of America gopher. A gigantic tortise that's around the size of a football. It totally made my day. I'd NEVER seen one of those before! Thought I'd upload this picture to my blog because it seemed like meeting that gopher in my garden, which looked a lot like Jack from Ox Tales, was like a sign from the internet gods that I'm on the right track with this thing and I need to see it through to the end!!!

No Ox Tales tape drop over the weekend. With it being Memorial Day, it's not arriving tomorrow. So fingers crossed for Tuesday...

Posted by MarkOut @ 9:20 PM



That's ruddy cool... Glad you had your camera handy... Don't see stuff like that in England...

# posted by Blogger Carl @ 12:48 PM


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