Friday, May 26, 2006
Taking a Break.

I've made the decision to take a break from researching Ox Tales today. After the previous four days of intensive googling, I feel like I'm all googled out. My brain is so wrapped up in Ox Tales, Boes, Fantazoo etc., I can hardly think straight!!! When I went to bed last night all I could think about was the Dutch theme song. That high pitched "Boes Boes, Boes Boes" just wouldn't leave my head!!! Funny, yet quite disturbing.

Didn't receive any OT videos today. If they don't arrive by tomorrow (Saturday) the earliest they can arrive is this coming Tuesday (what with Memorial day and all). But that's fine. I think they'll be worth the wait.

No, today I will be catching up on the Prisoner: Cell Block H DVD set that I won off of eBay. Eight episodes down, four to go...

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