Thursday, June 01, 2006
9. "Digging a Well"

Here is my first review of a cartoon from Ox Tales. Episode nine: "Digging a Well". When the website is up and running and I'm working on the episode guide these are going to be more detailed. On this blog they are going to be more of a recap than be-all-and-end-all descriptions. This review is taken from the Funny Farm Madness tape.

Ollie goes to his well for a drink of water and realizes that it's become dry. He tells Jack that they'll need to dig the well deeper.

Ollie rounds up a group of moles in a wheel barrow and tips them down the well hoping they'll get the job done. Jack questions if the moles can get the job done properly so Ollie lowers Jack down with a rope to supervise them. He finds they have dug a maze of little tunnels and soon gets lost in them. Ollie shouts down the hole for Jack not to worry because he has an idea of how to get him out. He returns with Edward the elephant. Ollie sticks Edward's trunk into a mole hill and Edward blows down it. After a couple of attempts Jack comes popping out of a mole hill.

Ollie then calls upon Sammy the dog for help. Over excited, Sammy first pulls out a bone out of a hole then a hibernating bear. Ollie, getting impatient, tells Sammy they are looking for water so Sammy dives into the ground like a corkscrew. It looks promising but Sammy eventually sticks his head back out of the ground with his nose all twisted up.

Ollie decides that the only way to get things done right is to do them himself. He says any fool can dig a well and Jack says he's right and he's doing a good job. Ollie eventually runs into rock and starts pounding on it with a small hammer. That doesn't work so he starts using a bigger hammer. As he continues to pound with all his might Jack's shell starts to shake, trees start to disappear into the ground, and it starts having adverse affect on all the animals. Before long it starts affecting the entire world. The Eiffel tower disappears into the ground, The Statue of Liberty's arm starts to fall, the Leaning Tower of Pisa straightens up, the Sphinx sits up and begs and a pyramid changes shape into a cube.

After going even deeper, Ollie and Jack discover a strange gray rock with a cross on it. Ollie rubs on it and the Earth begins to laugh. It turns out it was the Earth's navel. It pops out and they and realize that they are at the centre of the Earth because they can see the sea on the other side of the world. Ollie says he's always wanted to go deep sea fishing.

Back on land, Ollie drops a lure on a rope down the well to try and catch some sea fish. He eventually pulls out a narwhal which gets stuck at the top of the well. Pressure builds up and a giant gush of water shoots into the air. Ollie and Jack do a celebration dance for having finally hit water. Unfortunately the water doesn't stop coming. The entire Earth eventually floods and before long the entire farm is under water. As fish, pigs and roosters float past the screen the narrating toucan wishes everyone a "Pleasant au resevoir" to close out the show.

A really funny cartoon. There are lots of little jokes/puns from the show that I haven't included. They will be part of the website reviews. Right now I'm trying to decide how to present these. As Ox Tales is so one-liner oriented I'm thinking about having a Gag-o-meter in each review, recapping how many good/bad jokes there were in each show (and they come thick and fast). Another thing to keep track of might be how many times Jack breaks his shell in each episode. As far as Jack's shell goes it might make a good little subsection on the site by itself.

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