Wednesday, June 07, 2006
German Book Ordered

Made a fantastic purchase last night. I found an online bookstore that was selling a German Ox Tales book! Naturally I ordered it straight away.

It called "Einfach Tierisch 2 Ohne Federlesen". This translates to "Simply Animal 2 Without Feather/Spring Vintages ". I know, it still doesn't make much sense but I would assume that it means something along the lines of this: Simply Animal is the series of books, the number two means this is the second in the series, Without Feather is the title of this particular book and Spring Vintages means it was released in the spring. This is just my interpretation, I could be wrong! It's fully coloured (from what I can gather) and is made up of 48 pages. The book is schedueled to arrive by next Wednesday.

Expect lots of scans whenever I receive it!

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