Tuesday, June 06, 2006
14. "Shooting Contest"

Ollie is shooting arrows at a target with less than successful results. Jack laughs and says he's a better shot with his sling shot. He then demonstrates but loses his first rock down a mole hill then he hits Audrey on the beak with the second. She gives chase and ends up smashing Jack's shell with her foot.

After losing Audrey, Jack continues his target practice. He manages to enrage a pig and Rodney in the process. Meanwhile Ollie is also practicing with equally disastrous results, annoying a peacock and Zane the zebra. Ollie then preys on a moose. The moose pleads for his life, putting his antlers together as if they were begging hands. Ollie feels bad and backs off. He then finds Tom the turkey for target practice. Terrified, Tom wraps his snood around his eyes as if it were a blindfold. Ollie feels bad and backs down.

Ollie then acquires Sammy's services to fetch the arrows he shoots. After a few mishaps he eventually ends up with an arrow in his backside. Ollie then notices a rustling bush. He blindly shoots an arrow into it and Sammy dives in after it. A bear emerges with Sammy in his mouth and gives chase to Ollie.

Ollie then persuades Gaylord to help him. Gaylord stands with his back to a tree with an apple balanced on his head. Before Ollie can take his shot Gaylord snatches the apple off his head and eats it. He then replaces it with a banana but then eats that too. Gaylord throws the skin into the air and Ollie takes a shot at the moving target. Unfortunately the arrow slips on the skin and redirects itself to where it's chasing Ollie. Jack saves him by firing a rock at it, breaking it in two. Ollie commends him for his marksmanship.

They then wrap up the contest with one more shot each. Jack fires at an apple hanging from a tree. He fires the rock in the opposite direction and it circumnavigates the globe, coming in from behind and knocking it off the branch. Ollie then shoots an arrow at a bird's nest. Before it gets to the nest three birds perch themselves on the arrow and use it as a free ride to their home.

Ollie boasts about his talent which brings out Patrick the porcupine. Patrick chases Ollie using a bow to shoot quills into his backside to close the episode.

A very gag-heavy episode. Really fun with some creative scenarios.

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