Thursday, June 15, 2006
16. "Snow"

On with the seventh review. When these reviews make it to the web site they will be more detailed and will be accompanied by several screen caps. Anyway, on with "Snow"...

Ollie wakes up to a very cold morning. He opens his refridgerator and finds a group of penguins inside. After they wreak havoc inside his house, Ollie goes outside to wake up Jack. He finds Jack frozen inside his shell. Ollie manages to force it open but breaks it in the process. Jack starts shivering and sneezing and causes snow to avalanche off the roof onto him.

Ollie sets out with a snow shovel to clear a path from his house but instead rolls the snow up like a giant carpet. A group of moles pop out from the newly cleared path and make fun of Ollie, causing Ollie to lose his cool and the snow rolls back out.

Next Ollie tries his hand at building an igloo. He crawls inside but is soon joined by Paul the polar bear. A fight breaks out inside that soon spills to the outside. Ollie throws snow balls at Paul, whose coat is made up of igloo-type ice blocks, and causes him to fall apart. Ollie has a final igloo-related idea when he builds a fire inside it. Naturally the igloo melts.

Ollie starts sneezing as he walks through the snow. He finds Jack with a new igloo-style shell. Ollie sneezes and causes Jack's makeshift shell to fall off.

Ollie decides to try his hand at skiing. He races Down Hill Donny the stork and Turbo Tail Teddy the kangaroo but ends up going over the edge of a cliff. Sammy jumps on Ollie's abandoned skis and shows off with a few tricks. Ollie rolls down a hill, becoming a giant snow ball in the process. He even takes in a squirrel as he rolls down the hill.

Ollie then goes ice fishing with his rod and ice saw. He cuts loose a duck that had been frozen in a pond then drops a fishing line down the hole. Unfortunately his clogs become frozen to the ice so he cuts away the ice forming two skates which he skates back to land with. He jumps up and down to break off the ice then realizes he can feel something tugging at his line. He tries to pull it in but the entire pond flips over and squashes him flat.

Ollie cuts another hole and brings up a large block of ice up with fish frozen inside it. Paul the polar bear then pops up through the hole and grabs Ollie's tail. Ollie pulls away with all his might and Paul ends up all stretched out.

Ollie looks for another fishing spot and finds a group of four storks frozen into a pond. He tries to scare them away which causes them to fly off together joined at the ankles by the ice. He then cuts another hole and a group of seals pop out. A giant walrus also squeezes out through the hole.

Ollie makes one last attempt to cut a hole and a giant jet of water spurts out. Soon the entire screen fills up with water and Jack floats into the shot. He tells Ollie that he could catch a cold standing in freezing water and Ollie comments "What a revolting development this is."

A great little cartoon. The winter setting made for a very different looking cartoon. It certainly stands out from the pack in respects to different visuals. That along with some good gags made for a great cartoon.

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