Monday, June 26, 2006
"Porker Problems" Arrives

above: the front of the "Porker Problems" video cassette box

above: the back of the "Porker Problems" video cassette box

Finally finished my U.S.A. video collection today when "Porker Problems" arrived. Unfortunately it didn't contain any new episodes. It was actually an episode of Ox Tales in it's original form (a twenty two-minute episode made up of two cartoons). It does raise some interesting new questions though. The cartoons are "Momma Peggy Leaves Home" (ep.7) and "No Fishing" (ep.11). But this video contains the title cards for each cartoon and they have different titles. They are "Porker Problems" (ep.7) and "A Fish Story" (ep.11). Do all of the English/American dubbed episodes have different titles than the ones on my list? It did offer up one interesting new bit of information though. The title cards list R. Dwight as the writer of the show. So now I have a new name to google.

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