Tuesday, March 13, 2007

So here I am again, posting on Hey Blog Guy. A lot has happened in the interim. For one thing I now have a fellow Ox Tales enthusiast in YouTube member Hidden Dip. A great, great guy who (like me) chooses to spend a lot of his spare time searching and googling the great retro cartoon that is Ox Tales. As all these projects progress, you're going to be hearing a lot more about this guy!

Anyway, it's just a short but VERY interesting blog entry today. This morning Hidden Dip alerted me to the fact that no less than SEVEN new Ox Tales episodes have been uploaded to YouTube, and as it happens no less than FOUR of the seven are new to me! Splendid news I'm sure you'll agree! And the three that I do have I can now put English titles to. They are as follows:

20. "Lion Around" (Formerly known on this blog as "It's Hard To Be A King")
22. "Under The Weather" ("Pigs After Rain")
24. "A Cheesy Situation" ("Cheese")
29. "A Honey Of An Ox" ("Bee's Bee-Sting Blues")
31. "If The Clog Fits..." ("No More Clogs")
37. "Eggciting Adventure" ("Eggs, Eggs, Eggs")
39 "Sheer Silliness" ("Ollie Shears Sheep")

Thank you lol4dawgz! How cool is that? An extra FOUR new episodes that I've never seen before. Today has been a good day...

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