Wednesday, March 14, 2007
More Episodes...

More episodes have been uploaded to YouTube by lol4dawgz today. Lets hope they don't stop! And with the addition of the three new episodes, I now have access to one new episode. So my episode count now stands at thirty-three!

Here is an updated list of lol4dawgz episodes, with asterisks next to the episodes that I have seen for the first time thanks to his uploading:

6. "Feeding Fun" ("A Peaceful Day")
20. "Lion Around" ("It's Hard To Be A King")
22. "Under The Weather" ("Pigs After Rain")
23. "Everyone's Oxercising" ("No More Arm Wrestling Anymore")
24. "A Cheesy Situation" ("Cheese")
29. "A Honey Of An Ox" ("Bee's Bee-Sting Blues") *
31. "If The Clog Fits..." ("No More Clogs") *
37. "Eggciting Eggventure" ("Eggs, Eggs, Eggs") *
38. "Music Madness" ("Boes The Bad Flute Player") *
39 "Sheer Sillyness" ("Boes Shears Sheep")

What a brilliant time to be an Ox Tales fan!

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Hi I wanna congratulate you for your excellent and dedicated work

I'm from Chile and I'm also an Ox's fan...

I have a little question

have you uploaded the chapters to some server or only to youtube?

Me and a lot of guys from my country want to have the serie, so if exists a way to download the chapters that you put in youtube i will be very thankful

Greets and thanks for your great work

P.S. you can answer to my e-mail, (I also use it as messenger), in any case I will be looking for an answer here.. bye!

# posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 6:32 PM


There has been one more new episode uploaded by lol4dawgz since. May there be more in the future. :)

# posted by Blogger Mick @ 7:28 AM


Not sure if this blog's still active... but if so... New one for you in Dutch;

An episode about trouble with a skunk.

# posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 11:35 AM


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