Wednesday, December 26, 2007
Christmas Plunder

Well Christmas has come and gone and I'm now the owner of 33 Arabic-dubbed episodes of Ox Tales (or Bassit as it is known in that culture). It's 33 episodes made up of 2 10 minute cartoons a piece. When all things are totaled up, my cartoon count now stands at 72 cartoons out of 104, so bit by bit I'm getting closer to owning the entire series.

Due to the cartoons being unedited and each episode having it's originally paired cartoons, I've now have figured out the Japanese air dates for 35 episodes. Quite a big finding methinks!

On a related note, I have to admit that I wasn't too blown away with the quality of the Arabic DVDs. Although they're very watchable to an Ox Tales enthusiast, the picture kind of resembles a 2nd-gen video tape. Just a little word of warning to anybody who might be thinking about purchasing this set...

Oh yeah, and I got a 500 GB external hard drive for Christmas too... KICK ARSE!!

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That's a great looking cover, love the air brushing on it.

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