Monday, August 29, 2011
35. "Fore! Watch That Ball!"

Ollie has taken up golfing. First he and swings and hits a snail then a spider with golf balls. Then he sends a golf ball flying down a gopher hole and a gopher emerges with a lump on it's head.

Ollie takes a swing at another golf ball but he hits one of his clogs by mistake. He takes another swing at it but the ball ends up hitting Jack in his shell, causing him to propel out of it. Jack reprimands him then suggests that Ollie fetch a wheelbarrow of moles to create some holes to shoot golf balls into. After the moles make him a collection of holes, Ollie has great success in knocking each ball down a hole. The moles then become angered and start throwing the golf balls back at Ollie.

Ollie then spies another hole and drops a few balls down it to see if it would be suitable for playing golf. A snake then emerges, with several golf balls stuck down it's throat.

Ollie practices shooting golf balls into a bucket. But unfortunately his loyal pet dog, Sammy, keeps fetching them before they can roll in. Ollie has words with Sammy and it looks as though Sammy gets the idea. But instead of leaving the balls alone, he now fetches them from Ollie and places them in the bucket.

Next up, Ollie faces off against Gaylord the gorilla. Gaylord attempts to swing and hit a ball but he misses on his first attempt. On the second try, he misses again but manages to send sand flying and it buries Ollie. Gaylord then stares at the ball and visualizes it as an apple. The simple-minded gorilla then eats it.

Ollie, by himself once more, gets in some more practice. One ball hits a daschund up the backside, causing it to shorten. Another goes into a hippo's mouth and it goes all the way down to it's tail. Ollie then hits several balls in succession and they pierce several holes in an elephants ear. Another knocks off a lion's mane. He then knocks an apple out of a tree which then splits in half and out pop three dizzy worms.

Two woodpeckers are pecking at a tree but one of Ollie's balls hits it on the back of it's head, skewering it into the tree. He then knocks Rodney's horn off which flies into the air and spikes him on the backside. Audrey is his next victim. It catches her on the side causing her to spin around and her legs drill into the ground. Finally he hits two squirrels sitting on a branch, sending them tumbling down the inside of the tree. They emerge with lumps on their heads.

While all this is going on, Jack and Sammy have sought refuge in Sammy's kennel. They see a ball flying towards them so they slam the door shut to dodge the hit. Unfortunately the speed of the ball causes the kennel to splinter anyway.

The animals have finally have had enough of Ollie's golfing antics and give chase to him. They stampede all over him. When it looks like the danger is over, the woodpecker then swoops down and starts pecking him.

Jack then shows Ollie a safer way to golf. He places a golf ball in a tee then he ties the ball with string to a stake in the ground. Ollie hits the ball as hard as he can and sends it flying. The problem is the string causes it to swing back and Ollie becomes tangled in the string.

Finally, Ollie takes one more swing. He hits it so hard that it orbits around the earth then it comes in from behind him and puts a lump on his head. It then orbits for a second time and the cartoon finishes with the ball chasing Ollie around the Earth.

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